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Dr Toni Jay is a native South-African and qualified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with two sides to her practice. She specializes in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive and microsurgery.


Procedures performed by Dr Jay include facelifts, blepharoplasty, neck rejuvenation, breast surgery, abdominal surgery, liposuction and body contouring amongst many others.


Removal of skin lesions and reconstruction of major defects, including breast and limb reconstruction with free and pedicled flaps, are also performed by Dr Jay.  She has experience in head and neck reconstruction as well.  Microsurgery is an area of special interest, having completed a microsurgical course with dissection experience.


Dr Jay is comfortable working on adults, both male and female as well as children and she assists both local and international patients.


She believes in sound research based practice of medicine where patient safety is paramount.


Dr Jay has passed several of her medical subjects cum laude and was the top student in Physiology/Homeostasis, Paediatrics (for 2 consecutive years) and in other subjects including ENT and Internal medicine. She also won prizes for research including best scientific publication (APRSSA) as well as innovation in plastic surgery.


She has five publications in peer reviewed journals (mostly the primary author). She has not only written articles for medical journals, but have written columns for local women’s magazines as well.


Dr Jay is both an artist and published author. She wrote a non-medical book that was published in Oklahoma in the USA (The Business Plan According to Proverbs, 2008 - Available at Amazon).




Reconstructive surgery involves recreating that which was lost through trauma, malignancy, disease processes and burns.  Patients in need of reconstruction need supportive care from their surgeons, as well as a team approach.  More than one specialist and ancillary services may be needed for a successful outcome.  Reconstructive surgery requires skill and expertise on the part of your surgeon; you are after all trusting her to help put your life back together.


Reconstruction may be as simple as suturing a wound closed, to as complicated as involving transferring tissue from one part of your body to another and necessitating operating under a microscope.  Your surgeon needs excellent knowledge of anatomy as well as artistic expertise.  Dr Jay has expertise and training covering all these aspects of reconstruction. She has a special interest in microsurgery. Testimonials are available on request.


Cosmetic surgery involves improving or changing some aspect of a person’s appearance to improve both physical and psychological wellbeing.  A good surgeon allows you the freedom to make your own decisions about your appearance, all the while respecting your autonomous right and opinion.  This is then married to advice about best available treatment options, leaving the power to make an informed decision with the you, the patient.


Your health and safety are paramount in her mind, thus the surgeon will assist in achieving the best cosmetic, and medically sound outcome.  Before and after photos are available on request.  Dr Jay has expertise and training covering most cosmetic surgeries and has a special interest in facelift surgery.


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